One of the things we adore most about Bumble and bumble is how much care they put in to making products that protect, strengthen, and revive hair. It is so important to maintain a healthy beauty regimen in order to keep your locks in tip-top shape. Bumble is continuously creating products that work in conjunction with washing, drying, and styling – that way you can subject your hair to heat and potential breakage while knowing that your products are protecting you!

Last month we obsessed over Bumble’s new Surf Infusion line, which was great for perfecting and maintaining those summer waves. This month, we are looking forward to fall styles and regaining the strong hair that fell subject to the summer sun.




Bumble’s new Full Potential line is here to help! The new preserving shampoo, conditioner, and booster spray provide the building blocks for stronger locks from scalp to ends. Instantly, the regimen creates the look and feel of a healthier, plumper mane. Over time, the Full Potential regimen significantly reduces hair loss due to breakage by stimulating new hair growth on the live folicles. This is a clinical treatment, not topical, and treats from the inside out. The booster spray can be used for spot treatment or overall coverage and stops breakage by 46% in the first 4 weeks.

“Strong styling calls for strong hair,” says Laurent Philippon, Bb. Global Artistic Director. “Full Potential leaves strands feeling invincible, so you can create virtually any style – chignons, knots, crimps, teased-to-there hair – with ease. And confidence.”

Stop by Parlor to learn more about this incredible new product – samples are available while supplies last! And, as always, never hesitate to ask your stylist about products and hair treatments they recommend. We’re all here to help you!